“Never cease to chase your dreams. Someday it’ll lose breath and you’ll reach it. ”

- Gabs Marco

Gabs Marco is a 24 year old Brazilian-born rock singer and composer. Raised in Britain from the age of 5, he completed all academic ventures in England including a course in Music and Performance at the former Kensington and Chelsea College (London). From a young age he was certain at the long and adventurous road to music - inspired by the legends of his time and before like; David Bowie, The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and other great names.

At the age of 14 he initiated garage-bands with childhood friends and other members found on the internet. They started playing the nights in London’s strong music scene with known stages such as the Fiddler’s Elbow, The 229, The Water Rats, Nambucca and others.

A variety of members came and went - with the band’s name always changing and new songs with new styles coming and going. This all took a toll on the singer when he felt he was no longer accompanied by serious members, leading to his decision to become a solo artist.

Gabs Marco enjoyed a long couple of years focusing mainly on recording, being offered free recording at one stage at the same studio where Adele recorded her album 21. In music college he was voted best male singer, composing addictive instrumental and vocal melodies that most could swear was work of some famous artist. Gabs took time to define a sound that sometimes mixed a tight-turn twist of funky verses with soul-bearing grunge, powerful choruses. Never limiting himself to one style, he has since written with a more experimental, alternative rock vibe, even utilizing violin and piano for his works.

In 2016, he returned to his home country of Brazil to conquer the hearts of his nationals, making himself known to the mass and bringing something new they can rely on for a good source of international rock. In 2017, he sent work to various labels in the country and got a call from Rick Bonadio, probably the most renowned producer in Brazil (also an x-factor judge) who stated in his call that what he heard was amongst the best demo submissions he had received in a long time. He showed high interest in working with Gabs Marco to market his works through national television, radio and internet. However, he requested that a music investor be acquired for this venture, which is what Gabs Marco currently seeks to take this next step forward.

He currently aims to release a new 2020 mini EP, with music videos and working his way towards touring the country.

© 2020 Gabs Marco.

Singer, Composer, Solo Artist, Writer.